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Other infrastructure for digital learning and teaching

The Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences relies on the principle of the digital sovereignty of the university and its members for the infrastructure of digital teaching. The following platforms are integrated into our university infrastructure and are available to all university members for legally compliant use in digital teaching:
  • Elli - Electronic learning and teaching on the Internet
  • Jitsi - video / audio conferencing for work groups
  • BigBlueButton - web conference system as "classroom"
  • Online live stream for large courses
  • DFNConf - audio / video / telephone conferences of the DFN
jitsi - video / audio conference system
Jitsi is an open source video / audio conference system that is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized group work. In addition to the option to share the screen, there is also a group chat.

The Jitsi server is available to all university members for discussions, committee meetings or lectures and is to be used in particular to support student working groups. Students can also set up a Jitsi room for working group meetings.

Setting up a room:
A room in Jitsi is created by calling the URL:

is any freely selectable character string (without spaces, umlauts and special characters). The first person who calls up the selected URL has the moderation in the room and can store a password for the room, so that other participants can only enter the room with the password. If no password is set, this is an open space to which everyone who knows the selected URL has access. Anyone who knows the URL and the agreed password can participate in the session by calling up the URL.

Use of a room:
When rules are followed like
  • only one person shares the screen
  • only the speaking person shares the video
  • Chromium, Chrome or Brave are used as browsers
then Jitsi sessions with medium-sized groups (up to 50 people) could already be successfully completed. In small groups, several people can share their video at least temporarily at the same time without any major problems.

Closing a room:
If the last person leaves the room, the room is closed and the data from the room are no longer available.


A digital room is open for questions during the day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Privacy Policy
BigBlueButton - web conference system as "classroom"
BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system that offers classroom facilities. In addition to audio and video conferences, there are functions for sharing a presentation and the screen, for direct feedback via emoji from participants, for a chat room and shared notebook, for creating sub-rooms, surveys for feedback and recordings.

This tool is suitable for medium-sized groups. Here, too, it should be noted that the more participants share the video, the more the participants' client computers are loaded, since the video streams are sent from each client to each other client.

If sessions are recorded in BigBlueButton, the participants must be informed about this. The moderators of the recorded sessions must announce and comply with the rules for further use and the duration of storage.

Setting up a room:
The BigBlueButton is connected to the university's LDAP system, so that currently only lecturers and employees of the university can log in via their university accounts and set up one or more rooms. The person who sets up the room is the moderator of the room. Each room can be assigned a password and other properties. Without a password, it's an open space. The URL and the properties of a room are retained as long as the room exists. The web conference can be carried out in the room created.

Use of the space:
Log in at https://bbb.hs-bremerhaven.de and create a room. Send the link to participants. In teaching, the use of BBB via ELLI is a good idea, since here access is regulated by the learning platform. In ELLI you create a BBB room in your course using the green "Add new object" button. In the window that opens, select "BigBlueButton Virtual Classroom" at the bottom right.

Deleting a room:
The room is retained until it is explicitly deleted by the person who set up this room.


A digital room is open for questions during the day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Privacy Policy
Online live stream for large courses
The online live stream is particularly suitable for large groups, as it is resource-efficient.

We can send an online stream from the university or from home via a streaming server of the university: https://informatik.hs-bremerhaven.de/online/.

We recommend the open source framework OBS to create an online stream.

We are currently setting up several rooms at the university for online live streaming. If you want to use a room at the university, it must be booked through the departmental secretariats as usual, even if the rooms at the university are currently generally empty.

In order to promote interaction in online live streams, the setting can be supplemented with a chat room in Elli for feedback and questions from students, as well as quickly set up Jitsi rooms for group work.

Setting up a stream:
To receive an individual key, please contact the colleagues in the IT infrastructure group, Prof. Dr. Radfelder or Christof Seyfferth.


A digital room is open for questions during the day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Privacy Policy
The Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is a member of the German Research Network DFN and has the opportunity to use the audio and video conferencing services offered by DFNconf. Meeting rooms (audio / video conference), event rooms (streaming) and telephone conferences can be set up.

Access is via https://www.conf.dfn.de . When registering, the institution - Bremerhaven University - must be selected from the selection list. It is forwarded to the university-specific Identity Provider (IdP), which then takes on the authentication and authorization for DFNconf.

Once registered, meeting rooms (video conference) and lecture rooms can be used (Streaming) or pure telephone conferences can be set up.

Setting up rooms:
When setting up the rooms, a name is specified and, optionally, an organizer PIN. There are basically two roles in a room: organizer and guest. An assigned pin protects the rights of the organizer. In PIN-free rooms, every participant has the organizer Authorization.

Use of rooms:
A corresponding link is generated for inviting participants, which can be forwarded.

Additional information

the university's Privacy Policy is currently being processed
Privacy Policy of DFNconf: https://www.conf.dfn.de/datenschutz/


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